Photron is a leading provider of imaging technology and solutions for the global marketplace.

Since Photron's establishment in 1968, we have maintained a commitment to cutting-edge technological innovation and uncompromising product quality.
Since its foundation, Photron has always been a leading provider in the field of imaging technology. The base of it is the relations of trust with the customers - the most precious asset of Photron.Read more

And, the key factor indispensable to us striving to offer trustworthy products and solutions to society is our devotion to the imaging technologies, which makes it possible for us at Photron to materialize images that one has never seen before or those one could only have barely imagined.
There lies in the background a serious devotion to imaging technologies that only Photron can ever maintain, ardently pursuing the realization of a new world of images that is required by society.
Based on diverse core technologies, and expertise to integrate them in the most effective and flexible manner, Photron has been offering novel values by producing most advanced moving and still image solutions.
Cherishing the relations of trust with customers, and among employees as well, we at Photron will endeavor to develop a uniquely creative world of imaging as your best and most reliable partner.